Sony Xperia SP vs Xperia C: Mid-Tier Champions

Both the Xperia SP and Xperia C are two large smartphones that are built to offer speed like no other. They are so alike that many consumers faced a hard time in deciding on which to purchase. Thanks to our comparison on the SP and the C, you can now find out the better device.

The first key difference is with the device’s display size. The Xperia C has a larger 5” screen whereas the SP can only offer a 4.6” screen. The smaller screen on the latter packs a larger resolution size of 1280×720. The Xperia C is disappointing with its 960×540 resolution.

The Xperia SP is also much faster than the Xperia C. It has a bigger 1700MHz chip with 8GB internal storage. The Xperia C has a 1200MHz chip with 4GB internal storage. The SP continues to sprint ahead of its competitors thank to the LTE 1000 hardware.

By far, the Xperia SP is a better smartphone. However, consumers can still get a cheap and worthy smartphone which is the Sony Xperia C.

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