Sony Xperia Phones To Get ‘Exclusive’ 4.4.3 KitKat Features

Sony has been giving away some hints about Xperia owners can expect when KitKat 4.4.3 heads their way and 4.4.2 for the Xperia X, SP, T, TX and V. It has been suggested that features will be along the lines of those of the Xperia Sirius and the Z1 and features could also include two brand new user interfaces, along with camera modes and battery managers.

The interface for the Sony Sirius did get leaked and with it came a simple homescreen along with the Xperia one. In the leak you could see changes to the icons along with the addition of new status bar icons and battery icon.

With the release of Jelly Bean 4.3 Sony offered Smart Social apps along with new camera modes and user interface. The Sony Xperia Z1, Ultra X and other devices in the Z series may have features that are exclusive from Sirius. These may include Timeshift video and Background Defocus.

The Smart app was updated with a new look and it features a Close All button. This is a part of the Recent Apps and comes with Smart Backlight. This is somewhat similar to what owners of the Samsung handsets have with Smart Stay. The KitKat 4.4.3 update comes with support for call handling, double tap to wake and white balance.

The Xperia Sirius has some sound options that are new and this includes audio accessory support along with high resolution audio USB. It is to get S Force audio and Clear Audio along with xLoud engine.

It offers owners customisation choices when it comes to notification along with status bar. This includes My Xperia themes. Right now those with Jelly Bean 4.3 cannot apply a lot of customisation with My Xperia Themes.

Along with this KitKat has brought with it stamina mode, better power management, low battery, location based Wi-Fi and it allows the background data to be queued so as to save on the battery.

The Sony Xperia Z will get updated first to KitKat, followed by the Xperia SP, T, TX and V, which could have to wait for some time for Android 4.4.3.

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