Sony Surviving Despite Missing Sony Xperia Z6 Flagship

Those that have been waiting for Sony to show us their flagship model for 2016 will notice that we have not really heard much about the flagship. The flagship with was supposed to be the successor for the Sony Xperia Z5 was nowhere to be found. However, the missing flagship does not seem to be affected their profit at all.

Despite it all, it has been reported that Sony actually managed to gain profit of $4million in Q2 this year thanks to their downsizing efforts and the support of their mid-range devices. Things were not looking too good for Sony to the point where some people actually believe that Sony was going to stop releasing any more smartphones but it looks like Sony will still be able to hold on a for a little while longer now.

We do not know if 2016 is going to be the year where Sony will not be offering any flagship at all but it sure seems like it. Of course, there is always the Sony Xperia X Performance but we are reluctant to call it a flagship.

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