Sonic The Hedgehog Doubles The Fun

Sega did try to bring Sonic back into the spotlight for a few times now but the last few released wasn’t what we would call a success. Many fans commented that the newer Sonic games were never as good as the old versions and maybe because of that, Sega is now going to bring us back to the time when Sonic was great.

Sega was at Comic-Con this year where they announce two new Sonic games for its 25th anniversary. The first game called Sonic Mania is a 2D platformer much like the first few Sonic games. The visuals and gameplay will also be similar to the first few Sonic games. Besides bringing back some of the iconic zones, Sega will also add in a few new zones to keep thigs fresh.

They did not announce the name of the second game but they did reveal that the second Sonic game will be a mix of the classic and modern Sonic game.

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