Skype Free iPhone App: A Hidden Gem

Skype has long served the masses as the ideal video calling application on the iPhone. However, its popularity has been put to question after the world witnessed the arrival of WeChat and Line. Both new apps have tons of new features to offer but it is wrong to say that they are better than Skype.

For better understanding, one needs to observe the offerings on Line, WeChat and Skype. Looking at Line, it offers HD quality video chat, dual-screen function, HD audio quality and On-Screen interface.

WeChat, on the other hand, comes with the latest LightBoost feature, change size of text worldwide, voice messaging and a unique talk quickly on the go with voice messaging function.

All of the features above are clearly absent on Skype. The latter is a basic app that lacks the sophistications of today’s times. Skype basically offers a straightforward video calling function that consists of one-to-one video calls and group video calls.

However, iPhone users should realize that Skype has never offered a bad video calling quality. It is always smooth with Skype regardless of how old the UI may appear to be. Line might offer everything in HD but quality will worsen if the mobile network is bad.

With that being said, there is no disputing the fact that Skype is a wonderful video calling app around. It is straightforward and offers a smooth function with nothing nonsensical.

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