Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Now On Android

Have you ever fancied yourself to be the leader of a mighty empire? Well, now you can live in your fantasy as Firaxis Games has finally released Civilization Revolution 2 on the Android platform.

Civilization Revolution 2 will preserve the identity of the series that was first seen on the gaming consoles. Players will have to manage their empire from the Stone Age, up till today’s times.

Throughout the period of survival, players will be interacting with intrepid leaders and participate in wars, conducting diplomacy as well as discovering new technologies. More importantly, players will have to ensure the survival of their empire as losing them all will mean game over.

There are 16 world icons in Civilization Revolution 2 and the list includes Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Napoleon, Winston Churchill and also, John F. Kennedy. Surely, Civilization Revolution 2 is something worth getting excited for.

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