Shadow of Mordor 2: Will We Go Further This Time

Nobody really knows if there is going to be a sequel or not but the fans are hoping that there will be. If Monolith does decide to work on a Shadow of Mordor sequel, what do you think the game should have this time?

While running around in Mordor was fun, the fans were hoping that we would get to see other parts of Middle Earth besides Mordor. We know that the game is set before the Fellowship of the ring which means it is a whole other world out there but since the game is called Shadow of Mordor after all, we don’t think that wish will ever come true.

Fans are also hoping that Monolith will do more to the Nemesis system. The system was something fresh and new but Monolith did say that they were hoping to do more with it and we are hoping we would also see more of the feature soon.
What else are you hoping to see?

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