Shadow of Mordor 2: Why The Silence

The last time we got all excited about the Shadow of Mordor 2 was when somebody spotted the game listed in the resume of a stunt actress. While many fans predicted that we will be seeing a lot more of the game this year, that obviously did not happen.

In fact, it has gone so quiet that new we are starting to feel that we might have jumped the gun on this one.

Monolith never really did say that they were going to or is working on a sequel. The rumor was based on the ending of the first game and leaks like the resume leak but that was it. The game was a no-show at some of the biggest game show and convention this year and it does not look like Monolith is getting ready to announce anything.

Do you think the Shadow of Mordor 2 is really going to happen?

Steven Estevez

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