Shadow of Mordor 2: Why So Quiet?

With the kind of success the first Shadow of Mordor game receive, we are not surprised that Warner Brothers would want to create a sequel after that but is a sequel really going to happen. We know that a sequel was hinted by the developers a few times but they never really confirmed it.

The sequel, Shadow of Mordor 2 was later spotted on a resume of a stunt actress leading fans to believe that the game is really on its way. Since the leak happens before E3, everybody thought that we would be seeing the game at E3 this year but that did not happen. Since then, there has been no news about the sequel. So what is the deal? Did we read the clues wrong or are they trying to keep the lid shut until they have enough material to show us?

If a sequel does arrive, what would you like to see in the new game? Some fans commented that they hope the Nemesis system would make it back into the game but maybe with a little more features.

Other were hoping that the developer would give them a more memorable boss fight. What about you?

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