Shadow of Mordor 2: What The Fans Want

We do not know if there is ever going to be a Shadow of Mordor 2 game. Things have gotten really quiet ever since the game was “leaked” on LinkedIn and some people are starting to believe that the whole thing was a hoax.

Well, if Monolith does decide to release a new Shadow of Mordor sequel, here is what the fans are hoping to get from the new game. A lot of them are hoping that the game will be stuck in Mordor this time and that they will be able to travel outside of Mordor. As nice as that sounds, we only want to see that happen if it gels with the story of the game.

Others are saying that Monolith should do more with the Nemesis system this time and give it a few more extra features.

The main reason why people think that there might be a sequel was because of the ending of the first game but the developer might have just made it that way so that they can pick it up in the future but nobody knows when it will happen. Protection Status