Shadow of Mordor 2 Went From E3 To Nothing

Everybody thought that we will be hearing about the new Shadow of Mordor 2 at E3 this year but that did not happen. Ever since then, it seems like people might have lost interest in the sequel or have given up on it.

The hype for the Shadow of Mordor sequel just disappeared into thin air the moment the game was not mentioned at E3. So is the fans still interested in the game? While the developers never really did hint that a sequel for the game is being made, they did hint that they might have more planned for the Nemesis system when they talked about it years ago.

We also know that a stunt actress did list Shadow of Mordor 2 in her resume which many took as another hint that a sequel might be in the works but so far that is the only details we have about the game so far.

If they do decide to release a sequel, we are hoping that the game would have a more challenging boss fight this time. As epic as the boss fight was, it wasn’t that challenging since all we had to do was mash the button when it asked us to.

Steven Estevez

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