Shadow of Mordor 2 Wasn’t Ready For The Stage Just Yet

Warner Bros never announce that there were working on a sequel to the Shadow of Mordor but they did hint that there might be more in the future.

When they were talking about the first Shadow of Mordor game, the developer mentions something about the Nemesis getting more features in the future. Fans took that as a hint that a sequel might be coming in the future.

Then there was the incident where the Shadow of Mordor 2 title was spotted on the resume of a stunt actress.

Many fans were expecting to see the Shadow of Mordor 2 get announced at E3 this year but that did not happen. While some people think that we could all be wrong about the whole sequel, other think that maybe Warner Bros just wasn’t ready to show off the sequel just yet.

Do you think a sequel to Shadow of Mordor is being developed right now?

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