Shadow of Mordor 2: Uruks Have Feelings Too

The fact is that nobody knows if there is going to be a Shadow of Mordor 2. Most people believe that there is going to be a sequel based on some of the leaks and the ending of the first game.

If Monolith does decide to come out with a sequel to the game, what can we expect from it? Well, Monolith has just released the stats for the first Shadow of Mordor game and some people think that it might hold some clues as to what the sequel will offer.

It was reveal that Monolith actually created close to 1.04 billion unique Nemesis for Shadow of Mordor. Each Nemesis were given their own set of fears, dreams, and hope. You won’t see most of them since you probably have killed off most of them. If Monolith does decide to work on a sequel, we could probably expect the sequel to come with Nemesis that are even more realistic.

They did say that they wanted to do more with the Nemesis system.

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