Shadow of Mordor 2: Too Quiet For Comfort

The last Shadow of Mordor game was released two years ago. Although it is still a bit too early for the sequel to be released, the silence is making us fans worried.

Although the developers have never said that they were going to release a sequel, most people seems to believe that a sequel is exactly what the developers is working on right now.

Fans were, even more, convince that the sequel will happen when the game Shadow of Mordor 2 was spotted in a resume of a stunt actress. We do not know if that was a hoax or a leak but the resume was taken down soon after.

Most people were convinced that the game would be announced at one of the game events this year but so far, nothing. With so little news and details to work it, it is really hard to believe that a sequel is on its way.

Do you think there will be a sequel of the Shadow of Mordor in the near future?

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