Shadow of Mordor 2 Taking It Too Far

Creating a hype for the game before it is released can do a lot of good for the game but if they play their card wrong, it could all backfire. While Monolith has never really confirmed that they are working on the sequel to Shadow of Mordor 2, a lot of fans seems to believe that that is the case.

Despite all these speculations, rumors, and leaks, we still have not heard from Monolith yet and their fans are slowly getting tired of the suspense. Whether the sequel is a go or not, the fans would just like to know so that they can stop guessing but it looks like Monolith wants to keep everybody int eh dark for a little longer.

At this point, nobody really knows if Shadow of Mordor 2 is really going to be a thing but based on the ending of the first game, we think that a sequel has always been part of the plan but whether they will e going forward with it or not is a whole other story.

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