Shadow of Mordor 2: Not Another Child’s Play

We liked what the Shadow of Mordor brought to the table. The new Nemesis system was an interesting feature at that time and we still like the whole story of the game but one thing that a lot of people seems to also agree on is that the game can get a little repetitive at times. Other also thinks that it is a little too easy.

As long as you don’t rush in and start killing, killing off the war chief is pretty easy. All you need to do is check out his weaknesses and he should not be that hard to get rid off. Then there was also the disappointing final battle. After playing the game for so many hours, the boss fight at the end just did not do the game justice.

One of the things that the fans are hoping they would see in the next game is a more challenging game. We are also hoping that the game’s final boss fight would be more epic than the first game. Other said that the developers should make the map bigger.
So far, Monolith has never indicated that there is going to be a sequel but we are hoping that there will be.

Steven Estevez

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