Shadow of Mordor 2: No Noise At All

Earlier this year when we were waiting for E3 to arrive, everybody seems to be buzzing about Shadow of Mordor 2 but things have quiet down significantly when the game was not announced a the event. So what is going on?

While there is not much talk about the Shadow of Mordor sequel, most people still seems to believe that a sequel is being made. Most fans are saying that the ending of the first game made it very clear that a sequel was going to happen but others think that the developers made that ending just to make sure they have something to work with if they ever plan on coming back.

Then there was the whole resume leak. The Shadow of Mordor 2 name was spotted in a resume of a stunt actress which has led to many of the fans speculating that the developers have already started working on the game.

However, the developers themselves have never hinted that a sequel was in the making. Do you think there will be a sequel?

Steven Estevez

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