Shadow of Mordor 2 Misses Out Again

Nobody really knows if there is actually going to be a Shadow of Mordor sequel although most people seems to believe that it is in the making after a few leaks were spotted online.

One of the leaks that have gotten the most attention was when the game was listed on the resume of a stunt actress. The actress listed Shadow of Mordor 2 on her resume leading many to believe that WB is working on one. However, nobody has ever confirmed it.

Some players also seem to think that a sequel to Shadow of Mordor was decided way ahead of time based on what the developers said when they release the first game. When talking about the new Nemesis system, the developers mentioned that there is still a lot of things that the Nemesis system can do and they are planning on adding more features to the system in the future.

Despite all these, we have not really seen anything from the sequel. The game was not announced at E3 and it looks like it missed Gamescom 2016 as well. Do you think there is a sequel in the making?

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