Shadow of Mordor 2: Did We Read The Cards Right?

Every seems to be so convinced that Warner Bros is working on a Shadow of Mordor 2 that we were all actually shocked when the game wasn’t announced at E3. Even though the developer never did announce that they were working on one, the evidence seems to suggest they were but at this point, nobody seems to really know what is going on.

When the developers talk about the first game and its new nemesis system, they seem to have been suggesting that we will see more of the system. That had lead to many people believing that a sequel was in the making.

The game was also spotted in the resume of a stunt actress earlier this year leading many people to believe that they have already started developing the game but so far, we have seen nothing. Of course, this does not mean that the game was not happening. It could mean that the developers were not ready for us to it yet.

Let’s hope we will hear more about the game soon.

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