Second-Gen Nissan Leaf To Make Surprise Arrival?

Fans of the Nissan Leaf have been waiting for Nissan to bring in the second-gen Nissan Leaf for the longest time but so far, there have not been any indication that suggest that the new Nissan Leaf is on its way until now.

Carlos Ghosn, the CEO has hinted that Nissan will have something big to announce at CES in Las Vegas next month. While he did not say what it is, many people believe that it could be the second-gen Nissan Leaf.

We know that Nissan has been having some success with new longer range batteries so we know that the new Nissan Leaf would be coming with a longer range but nobody knows what the Leaf will be offering exactly.

Nissan made it clear that CES is going to be the event that the people will want to take notice. Do you think it is the Leaf or do they have something else in mind? Protection Status