Samsung Will Be Losing Their US Fans “in the near future” Thanks To Xiaomi

Xiaomi is really the Android smartphone manufacturer to watch out for. Their smartphones are not only as good as the other premium Android smartphones in the market but it is also cheaper than most of the premium smartphones in the market and that is what made them so popular.

All these time, Samsung did not have to deal with the Xiaomi smartphones in the US since the device was not offered in the US but it looks like they might actually face each other soon as Xiaomi’s head of global expansion, Hugo Barra reported that they are looking forward to entering the US market “in the near future”.

He also added that besides the smartphones, Xiaomi will also be offering another new gadget in the US. They didn’t specify the device but we are going to guess that it is the new Notebook Air.

We do not know when the Xiaomi products will be offering but it does feel like the wait might be over soon.

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