Samsung Only Asking South Korean Note 7 Users For Forgiveness

Samsung will have to really impress their fans if they want their customers to forgive them after the whole exploding smartphone episode and that is what Samsung is doing right now although they only seem to be interested in gaining back the trust of their South Korean fans.

Samsung is trying to get their Note 7 buyers in South Korean to stay with them by offering them a huge discount when the next Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 7 arrives.

According to Reuter, Samsung will allow their Note 7 users to pick an S7 model to replace the Note 7. Customers will have to only pay half of the cost of the refunds. These customers can get choose to take part in the upgrade program which will allow them to exchange the S7 with the new S8 or Note 8 for free when the device arrives.

We still do not understand how Samsung plans to make it work as the press release was written in Korea. All we are hoping now is that they will also offer the same treatment to the rest of the world. Protection Status