Samsung Hiding One Plus 3 Killer, Note 7 Not Alone

The One Plus 3 is one of the few smartphones this year that actually came out with a 6GB RAM. Even though it was predicted that we would see more 6GB RAM smartphones this year, the fact is that most smartphone manufacturers decided to stay with 4GB RAM or lower. However, it looks like One Plus 3 might be facing a tough new rival soon.

When Samsung announced the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, they announce that the device will be coming in with only 4GB of RAM which is actually more than enough but for those looking for a device with more RAM, it looks like Samsung might have you covered after all.

A 6GB Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was spotted on TENAA. The device will come with 128GB of internal storage as well. The fact that it was spotted in China could mean that the device will arrive as a China-only model but at this point, nobody really knows what Samsung has planned for the top of the range Note 7.

Do you think 6GB RAM is an overkill?

Steven Estevez

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