Samsung Hasn’t Saved Galaxy Note 7 Users

After all the reports about Samsung exploding and catching fire, Samsung quickly stepped in to fix the issue but it looks like even Samsung drastic action of recalling all their Note 7 and replacing it is not going to save it.

It was just reported that a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught on fire on a Southwest Airlines flight. The place was this at the gate so they passengers were quickly evacuated.

Some poeple might think that this could be the older Note 7 that has not been returned but it is not. The owner confirms that he had picked by the smartphone on the 21st of September and he even had the box to prove that it is a replacement unit.

According to the owner, his device had about 80% of battery capacity when he was asked to power it down. After turning it off, the device began smoking and that has prompt an immediate evacuation.

Samsung releases a statement saying that they are looking into the matter right now.

Steven Estevez

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