Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Sport Wraparound Fashion Before Apple?

We do not know what Apple has in store for us next year but there were rumors saying that the next Apple iPhone 8 might be coming with a wraparound design which would make the iPhone the first with such a design but it looks like Samsung might be one step ahead of Apple.

According to Bloomberg, the next Samsung Galaxy S8 might be coming in with a new wraparound OLED display instead of the edge display that they are sporting right now. We do not know if the wraparound display is going to be release alongside the side display model or if it is going to replace. Most people seems to think that the edge display device will now be offered as the standard model while the wraparound model will sitting on top of the edge models.

There were also talk about Samsung possibly getting rid of the home button. We know that Samsung will really have to impress their fans with the Samsung Galaxy S8 after the whole Note 7 exploding incident. Will all these be enough?

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