Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Come With The Same Issue

The problem with Samsung is that they do have their own chipset to offer but since they won’t be able to produce enough of these chip to meet the demands for their smartphone, some region are forced to use the device that runs on the Snapdragon chipset.

Fans were not too happy about that since it has been pointed out that the Exynos chipset is better than the Snapdragon chipset in terms performance and battery usage.

Well, it has just been leaked that Samsung’s next chipset will be the Exynos 8895 processor that is said to be built on a 10Nm processor which will help increase its performance by 30%. It was also added that test results indicated that the processor is able to hit a peak of 4GHz.

It is believed that this chip will be used to power up the Samsung Galaxy S8 and as per usual, the Exynos-powered device will most likely be offered in Asia only.

Steven Estevez

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