Samsung Galaxy S8 Taking Things Too Far

We get it, it is all about the processing power of the device but do we really need that much to run a smartphone? Now that we have already seen what the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is all about, it is time to see what the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 might be offering when it arrives next year.

New rumors are now suggesting that the Samsung is currently testing an Exynos8895 processor with 10nm technology and a frequency of 4GHz. It has been estimated that the upcoming new Snapdragon 830 will also be offering 3.6GHz when it arrives. As good as that sound, do we really need that much?

Of course, they are only testing it so that does not mean that it will make it onto the next Samsung Galaxy S8 but some fans believe that it will. There were also speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S8 coming with a 5.5inch 4k display screen and that Samsung will no longer be offering the flat screen option anymore.

Steven Estevez

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