Samsung Galaxy S8 Taking Their Own Sweet Time Now

We all know that Samsung intentionally rush their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 so that it will arrive before the Apple iPhone 7. That plan backfired on them when reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded started surfacing soon after it was released. The Note 7 might have had a better year if they spend more time testing it out.

Well, it looks like the Korean smartphone manufacturer is taking no chances with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung might be pushing the announcement date back by a month which means Samsung will be missing out on the Mobile World Congress next year.

It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will only be unveiled in April next year. Honestly, we don’t think anybody would be upset that Samsung is taking a little longer now. Many people still believe that the Samsung Android smartphones are the best and are hoping that Samsung would get back to making these great Android smartphones.

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