Samsung Galaxy S8: Another Thing To Disable

Smartphone makers will try to squeeze in everything they can into their premium smartphone and most of the time, these features will end up getting disable because we don’t really need them.

When the Samsung Galaxy S8 arrive, we will have another new feature to disable. Samsung has just announced that they will be replacing the S Voice with a new AI Assistant when the Samsung Galaxy S8 arrives.

This comes after Samsung acquired Viv Labs, an AI platform startup company. We do not know what the new AI assistant will be like but some people are already saying that they will probably end of disabling it when they get the device.

The S Voice was a huge flop and it never really close to competing with Siri or Alexa from Amazon. According to Samsung, after releasing Viv on the S8, they will be working to also offer Viv on the other Samsung devices as well including refrigerators and TVs.

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