Samsung Galaxy S7: Successor Too Far Off

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a huge disaster for Samsung but luckily, they still have their Samsung Galaxy S7 to fall back to but with the device already being around for more than half a year, it has started to lose its appeal.

The other way Samsung can turn things around is with the Samsung Galaxy S8 but that is still months away from being ready. The Samsung Galaxy S8 should be arriving in February and we do not think that Samsung will want to rush it. See what happens when they tried to rush the Note 7 to stay ahead of the iPhone?

While Samsung continues to work on the Galaxy S7 successor, they are also pushing their production plant to speed up the production of the Samsung Galaxy S7 model. We do not know if that is going to be enough to fill up the huge gap left by the exploding Note 7 but it at least it will be something.

At this point, we don’t even know if Samsung will ever relaunch the Note 7 again.

Steven Estevez

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