Samsung Galaxy S7 Making Things Harder

If you thought that fixing the Samsung Galaxy S6 is hard well, you will be changing your mind when you hear what iFixit has to say about the Samsung Galaxy S7.

According to smart device repair site iFixit, the Samsung Galaxy S7, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are by far the most difficult Samsung model to repair. Thanks to that, the Samsung Galaxy S7 was awarded a repairability rate of only 3/10.

The reason why repairing is so hard is because of how fragile the front and back glass panel is. Trying to open the device up will mean risking the glass panels. A simple smartphone jack fix might end up costing more if you break the glass panels.

Well, it looks like there is a price to pay for a design like that. In case you are wondering, the last Samsung Galaxy S6 had a fixing rate of 4/10. Still bad but slightly better.

Steven Estevez

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