Samsung Galaxy S7 Isn’t Safe After All

When news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding started surfacing, people were advice to go for the Samsung Galaxy S7 instead since it is safer. In fact, Samsung has also been offering their Note 7 customers an S7 as a replacement but that does not mean you are safe.

New reports are now saying that there might be another case of Samsung’s smartphone exploding and this time, it is the Samsung Galaxy S7 that exploded. The owner, Amarjit Mann claim that the device was in his pocket. He took it out and it exploded right away.

Amarjit Mann suffered second-degree burns on his hands due to the explosion and he is planning to take action against Samsung. We are still waiting for Samsung to response to the news.

The whole exploding episode with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was bad enough and having the S7 explode as well is not going to help Samsung gain back the trust of their fans. Protection Status