Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Takes Over Note 7 Top Feature

Well, the Samsung Galaxy S7 model is all Samsung has this year now that their Note 7 is almost dead. To keep things fresh with the S7 Edge, it looks like Samsung might be offering the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a new color option, the blue coral color that was so popular on the Note 7.

Samsung has not made any announcement yet but an image of the blue coral color casing was leaked online. The color is the same as the Note 7 option but of course, it is smaller here.

The casing in the leaked image also had the Verizon logo on it which had led to many people believing that this could be a Verizon exclusive, US only color but a new report suggests that Verizon will only be offering it first but it will eventually be offered in the other countries as well.

Not that the Note 7 is being recalled for another time, people are looking at the S7 model as the safer alternative and it is believed that Samsung has already started increasing its production to meet their demands.

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