Samsung Galaxy S7 Black: One Is No Longer Enough

Apple fans were ecstatic when they learned that Apple was bringing back the Jet Black Apple iPhone and it looks like Samsung is also hoping that their Samsung Galaxy S7 would get the same attention if it came with a black exterior as well.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not going to happen, Samsung has been trying to make the Samsung Galaxy S7 more appealing by offering it with a few more color option. They’ve just released the new Coral Blue model and now they might be offering a Black version on top of the Black model that they already have right now.

According to The Korea Herald, Samsung is looking to offer the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a new Glossy Black exterior color. We do not know how much different the new Black model will be compared to the original black version that was released earlier this year but we will find out soon enough a it is said that the new color option will be offered during this holiday season. Protection Status