Samsung Galaxy S6 To Outdo iPhone 6 With Sennheiser Headphones

There is a reason why mobile phones today are called smartphones and this is because they have more to offer than just making calls and sending messages. Consumers worldwide couldn’t agree more when a study shows that a device’s audio capabilities play a role in influencing their purchase.

Even so, it has been hard for consumers to find an audio-sophisticated smartphone lately and their choices are mostly limited to HTC devices due to the sublime Beats audio technology. Soon, the list of devices with great audio features will be expanded with the addition of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

This upcoming smartphone is heavily linked to come with ear-buds that are manufactured by Sennheiser. Audio freaks should know that Sennheiser is one of the world’s greatest audio engineers and with it coming to the Samsung Galaxy S6; it will put Samsung in direct competition with HTC early on.

With that being said, it makes the Samsung Galaxy S6 all the more worth the wait. The smartphone is expected to make its debut in early Q2 and that is only a couple of months away from now.

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