Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: The Bad Can Be Good

None can deny the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is currently the most powerful smartphone around. It was just last week when we did a hands-on review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and today, we have finally received the original S6.

Upon performing an unboxing, we lifted the device and find the 143.4mm x 70.5mm x 6.8mm measurement very nice to hold. The S6 that we held is the 64GB black sapphire model.

So we booted the device and were actually enticed by the 5.1” QHD display. The figures said that the S6 has got 577ppi to offer but in our eyes, the display simply looks magnificent.

It also does not take the Samsung Galaxy S6 long to boot. Like how it is with the S6 Edge, the S6 also runs on the revolutionary 8-core Exynos processor with 3GB of RAM. With such a rig, speed will never be an issue in the years to come.

Then there is the 16MP rear camera which has been further refined. The aperture is tuned to capture more lights and this is what makes the S6’s camera special. Last year, we revealed that the Apple iPhone 5S have better cameras than the S5 but now, the S6 has the best image capturing capabilities.

The disappointing bit here is that both the microSD slot and the removable battery feature has been ceased. Now, the S6 adopts a smaller 2,550mAh battery which still performs well, but a downgrade from the S5.

Then again, all the shortcomings on the Samsung Galaxy S6 are meant to turn the device into a beauty. As such, the flaws are forgeable and acceptable. Protection Status