Samsung Galaxy S6: Note 7 Issue Did Not Sneak Up

All eyes are on Samsung and their overheating Samsung Galaxy Note 7 right now but it seems like this is not the first time Samsung users have been reporting about an overheating issue with Samsung’s smartphones.

Some Samsung Galaxy S6 users have been reporting that their Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to have an overheating issue. Some users reported that the S6 tends to overheat even when it is used casually.

Other reported that the device would not only overheat but the battery would also drain faster than it is supposed to. We do not know if there is something wrong with the hardware and can it be fixed with a software update.

Some users reported that things got better if they close all the background apps while other are saying that they have never noticed any overheating issue or battery drainage issue with their Samsung Galaxy S6.

Any other Samsung Galaxy S6 users experiencing the same problems now?

Steven Estevez

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