Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs LG G4: Does Samsung Have The Edge or LG?

Two great looking handsets are the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Both pack in a lot of power and features but which of these two really does have the edge over the other?

One of the biggest differences between the two handsets is the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as it has a real edge and this gives information such as who is calling, the time and notifications. This is something that does set it apart from the LG G4. Other than that they are both great choices and if you can live without the edge you will struggle to choose between them.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers the Super AMOLED display and this is QHD with 577ppi and superb colour and contrast. The display of the LG G4 is LCD IPS Quantum technology at 5.5 inches and 538ppi. The colour and contrast are superb and its great when using it in the sun.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has the Exynos processr which is the 7420 octa-core and it has 3GB of RAM which makes it fast. The LG G4 offers the Snapdragon 808 processor and this is the hexa-core processor but it still manages to pack quite a punch.

On the LG G4 there is the 16MP camera and this offers a wide angle of f/1.8 along with OIS, infrared filters and complex sensors. The camera on the front of the handset is 8MP. On the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 there is a camera of 16MP with wide angle lens and f/1.9 aperture along with a 5MP camera and it is great for taking photos in low light.

So have you go a preference between the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

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