Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S: Old Battle Revived

With most smartphones today coming out with some steep price tag, many consumers are opting to purchase the devices from the past. However, most consumers found themselves stuck in deciding between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple iPhone 5S. Today, we shall compare both popular smartphones and see which is worth the purchase.

Looking at the Samsung Galaxy S5, the smartphone came out in Q2 last year and it arrived with 5.1” display that runs on 1080p resolution, together with 432ppi to offer. This is obviously sharper than the iPhone 5S’ 4”display that only has 377ppi to offer.

Then, there is the difference in cameras. The Galaxy S5 came out with a highly sophisticated 16MP rear camera. This is double the pixels of the 8MP rear shooter on the iPhone 5S. The latter might be able to record videos at Full HD nicely but the S5 is far more superior as it can shoot videos at 4K resolution.

The biggest difference of them all is with the battery life. Knowing the iPhone 5S, the smartphone from Apple features a 1,560mAh battery. At 50% brightness with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS turned off; the device can last up to 14hours. The S5, on the other hand, has a larger 2,800mAh battery that can play videos non-stop for a whopping 17hours.

There is no need to dispute on innovations and processors as both the S5 and the 5S are more than capable of running every heavy task while also offering the best user experience around.

With that being said, there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the better choice when compared to the iPhone 5S. Besides, the former is also cheaper to own than the latter.