Samsung Galaxy S5 vs DROID Turbo 4: Comparing Everything

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the all-new Galaxy S5 and it was considered as the best smartphone yet. That is until last month, when Motorola launched the DROID Turbo 4. Between the two, which is better?

Looking at the newer DROID Turbo 4, the device comes with the latest processors and QHD display. Comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Turbo 4 has better rear camera, near-stock Android experience, built with single handed use in mind, higher pixel density, better speaker positioning, better battery life and dual-LED flash.

Feature-wise, the Turbo 4 is also capable of wireless charging. Then again, this is one department where the S5 truly excels as it comes equipped with microSD support, fingerprint scanner, better front camera, UV sensor and heart-rate sensor.

Going into detail on performance, the DROID Turbo 4 has 1GB extra RAM, 50% faster GPU and 8% faster CPU.

Clearly, the DROID Turbo 4 is the better device in this contest. This is also the first time where the Motorola DROID device is better than the Samsung Galaxy S device. As such, consumers should always pick the DROID Turbo 4 ahead of the S5.

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