Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4: Old But Gold

If consumers wish to get a great smartphone for a cheap, there are old flagship devices to consider. Obviously, the best names are still the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 4. However, which is better?

In terms of display, the S3 comes with a 4.8” screen that produces 306ppi. It is not as sharp as the iPhone 4’s 3.5” display that produces 330ppi. Then again, the latter lacks in the field of colour contrast and brightness.

When it comes to speed, the S3 is so much faster than the iPhone 4. It is equipped with a 1.4GHz 4-core Exynos 4 processor with 1GB RAM and ARM Mali 400. The iPhone 4 has a 1GHz single-core with only 512MB RAM.

Even on cameras, the iPhone 4’s 5MP snapper is no match for the S3’s 8MP rear camera. In addition to that, the latter has a 1.9MP front camera.

Truly, the winner is the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is a mismatch from the very beginning.

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