Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won’t Free Up Your Hands Just Yet

Now that Samsung seems to have figured out the whole curved screen, what’s next for them in terms of display? Well, it has been reported that Samsung’s next plan might be to develop a foldable smartphone with a bendable screen.

We know that they have been working on a bendable screen for some time now and it was previously reported that we might start seeing their first foldable smartphone next year but it looks like that won’t be the case.

DJ Koh, the president of Samsung’s Mobile Division stated that to build a foldable screen they will have to change the software significantly. They will also have to figure out the UI for such a device and that needs time.

That means we are probably not going to see any foldable device from Samsung next year although we might see one from Oppo or Lenovo since those two are also working on foldable devices right now.

Steven Estevez

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