Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Won’t Leave Up To Hype

The things about rumors are that some people will take them every seriously and when things do not match up, the fans will end up being the ones disappointed. We might see that happen when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 arrive.

It was rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be coming in with an impressive 6GB of RAM. While it does seem possible that Samsung might offer a 6GB RAM device since they are always ahead of their competition, it looks like this rumor might have aimed too high.

The new benchmark listing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by AnTuTu seems to suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will only be coming in with 4GB RAM and not 6GB RAM like the rumors have suggested. It was listed the Snapdragon 820 chip instead of the Snapdragon 821.

While it might not be as impressive as the rumors have suggested, the are still expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to come with an upgraded battery pack and software upgrades.

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