Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Samsung Still Clueless

You would think that with one so called fix and so much time, Samsung would have figured out the problem with their exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but it does not look like that is the case.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung is still trying to figure out what failed on their Note 7. It was initially thought that the battery was the main issue here but it looks like they are not sure that is the problem now.

We know that there is a possibility that Samsung might continue with the Note Series and that there might be a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 next year but will people actually buy when a solution have not been announced?

The latest report suggests that the size of the battery case might be the real issue here but we will have to wait until Samsung officially announce it to know for sure. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failing was a huge blow to the Korean manufacturer but we think it is not the end for them just yet.

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