Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S Pen: Spot The Difference

According to Samsung, the new S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been upgraded this year. So what’s the difference between the new S Pen and the previous version?

On the outside, the S Pen now come with a smaller tip so it is more accurate than the previous S Pen. Samsung also took the trouble to make the S Pen water-resistant this time. They also solved the issue of users sliding the S Pen in the wrong way.

Besides getting a design upgrade, the new S Pen will also be coming with a few new features like allowing the S Pen to erase as well as pin memos to the always-on lock screen.

These are just some of the upgrades that Samsung has decided to give the S Pen. You can check out their full video about the new S Pen below. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be arriving later this week on the 19th of August.

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