Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Plan To Beat Apple Backfired

It is believed that Samsung chooses to announce their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 earlier this year so that they can release it earlier to beat Apple but it all backfired when they Note 7 started catching fire and exploding.

After a few reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding and causing fires, Samsung issued a recall to bring back all the Note 7 device. Samsung is still trying to get it all fixed and according to VentureBeat, the new revised version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will only be sold later next month.

It is reported that Samsung will resume selling their device on the 21st of October. As for those that have already bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the new exchange should be available as early as this week.

Maybe if they had taken more time to test out the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 instead of rushing to get it out, they would have avoided all these troubles.

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