Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Open Door For Pixel

We are not saying that the Note 7 would have been better than the Pixel XL if it did not explode but the fact is that the Samsung Galaxy Note Series has been the top favorite for many and a lot of people would have chosen the Note 7 over the Pixel XL.

Not only is the Note Series a more popular model, it also comes with a better-looking design. We don’t think the Pixel XL looks great but we think the Note 7 looked way better. People are also not too sure how the first ever Google smartphone is going to perform.

However, now that the Note 7 is out of the picture, people are starting to look for alternative and the Google Pixel XL is looking like a great second option now. Would you go for the Pixel now that the Note 7 has been recalled once more or would you go for some other popular large screen devices like the LG V20?

Steven Estevez

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