Samsung Galaxy Note 7: One More Week Left

We know that Samsung is doing everything they can to make sure that nobody else uses the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device. They tried offering incentives for their customers to return it. They also tried to limit how much the device would charge. Then there were the messages which will keep prompting their users to return the smartphone but despite all of that, there are some users that are still holding on to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung last method will be to disable the Note 7 for good so that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 becomes totally useless. Some Note 7 users have already reported that Samsung has started sending out messages telling them that the Note 7 will be disabled by the 15th of December.

That means those that still uses the Note 7 will have less than 7 days to use the Note 7 before Samsung shuts it down for good. We do not know if this is only for the US region but most people believe that Samsung will be using it in all of the regions eventually.

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