Samsung Galaxy Note 7: No Relieve After Replacement

Samsung has been trying to fix the whole exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ever since the device was released. Their solution was to replace the device with a new unit and some lucky users have already received their replacement unit. However, it looks like the problem does not end there.

After receiving the replacement unit, some users have reported that their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 tends to overheat when it is being charged. After all the reports of fires and explosion, you can bet that the users were starting to get worried when the Note 7 started heating up.

There were also reports about the battery being draining when it is being charged. Even if the users were using it when it is being charged, the battery should not be drained.

We do not know if this is an issue for the majority of the Note 7 or just a few because there are also users reporting that they did not have any issue with the replacement unit.

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