Samsung Galaxy Note 7: No More Successors?

Well, is this really the end for the Samsung Galaxy Note Series. The Note has been around for years now and it has always been the top Android smartphone to get. It is hard to believe that the one time Samsung messed up big time would result in the death of the Note series but that is exactly what some reports are suggesting right now.

According to Hi Tech, Samsung is looking to abolish the Note brand after the latest report of the replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire. We can see why they would want to consider it. Now that they had to recall the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the second time, the Note brand’s reputation is going to be destroyed.

However, we think that the brand Samsung is still strong right now. There Samsung Galaxy S7 was a huge success and we think the Android community would be more than willing to give the Note another chance.

The Note was the first smartphone that dared to go big after all.

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